Earth Day

Can you believe spring is here and Earth Day is just around the corner? Get ready for the April 22nd holiday with our topical resources, including lesson plans, fact sheets, and a conversation-starting ThinkIt. We also have an acrostic template that is perfect for allowing your students to express their thoughts about Earth Day. Don’t forget to decorate your classroom with our posters!

Earth Day Toolkit

Activity Sheet

Earth Day Activity Sheet - Question (preK-6)

Earth Day Activity Sheet - Answer (preK-6)

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan - How Green Is Your School? (preK-6)

Lesson Plan - Walk to School (preK-6)

Reference Sheet for Walk to School Lesson Plan (preK-6)

Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet - Carbon Footprint (preK-6)

Fact Sheet (preK-2)

Fact Sheet (3-6)


Poster - Black & White

Poster - Colored

Poster - Colored Earth Acrostic


ThinkIt (preK-6)

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