Here's what just a small selection of our existing customers have to say about EducationCity...

I really like that EducationCity is user-friendly for the students. They really enjoy it and don't even realize that they are learning!

Joyce Alexander, Northside Elementary School, Tennessee

One of the greatest benefits of using EducationCity for my students is the fact that I can differentiate. I can assign students whatever activity would be best for them to use in order to bring their level to wherever I need it.

Nancy Johnson, Greenwood Elementary School, Illinois

What I really like about EducationCity is that teachers can easily use the material that is there, they can navigate through quickly, and, most importantly, the students are engaged in the learning process. 

Jennifer Gravely, Franklin County Public Schools, Virginia

I really appreciate tools like EducationCity because they help get students engaged in activities it would otherwise be hard to get them involved in. They sit at the computers and use EducationCity for math, language arts, and science, and can work independently through the problems.

Helen Crompton, Carrboro elementary School, North Carolina

At Victoriano Elementary School, we will continue to use EducationCity to help drive and increase test scores this coming year. In a recent research study, it's been shown that our test scores have increased year-over-year and our school's administration, faculty, and students are very proud of our achievements. We will continue to partner with EducationCity in the future.

Richard Aleksak, Principal, Victoriano Elementary School, Moreno Valley, CA

We have used EducationCity for the last two years at our school and the children still get excited about using it. We use the product for enrichment and for Grade 4 content.


Janice Thompson, Benjamin Franklin Elementary, New Orleans

When students choose a game over PBS Kids, you know it's an awesome game. My first graders choose PlayLive over PBS! I'm tickled. What a cool game! Competitive, educational and just plain fun! Thanks EducationCity!


Arika Jordan, Tinsley Elementary School, Houston, TX