EducationCity Badges

By popular demand from our 15,000 subscriber base, has developed a selection of badges for subscribers to display on their website.

These are flexible little animations that can be used anywhere on your site, however we would suggest that you wear the Badge with pride and insert it on your homepage. Other idea’s would be to include it in your blog or e-news, it’s really free to do with as you wish!*

We have made it really easy for you. You can choose your own badge by using one of these handy scripts below. Simply double click on the code below to select then copy and paste directly into your site.

Once it's up and running, visitors to your site will be able to click through and experience for themselves exactly why you chose as your online education resource.

Have fun!


Terms of Use.*

1. You will use the badges and respective codes in their entirety and will not alter or modify them in any manner. You will not make copies of the badges for anyone else or transfer, assign, sell, reproduce, distribute, or otherwise exploit the badges.

2. Each badge will be displayed in a positive manner and will not be used in a way that adversely affects and/or portrays in a false, misleading, offensive, or derogatory manner EducationCity or its products, services, or programs.

3. No badge will appear on any page of any Website that includes content or advertising which is disparaging of EducationCity, its products, services, programs, or mission.

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