What is EducationCity?

EducationCity is an award-winning online teaching and learning resource mapped to individual state academic standards for elementary students in Language Arts, Math, Science, and Spanish Math. The web-based, modular resource features research-based, animated activities designed to support student engagement and achievement.

Here’s how it works. Teachers pinpoint specific learning objectives via our searchable Standards Map and then involve the whole class with a whiteboard-ready activity on that topic. Once the new concept has been introduced, teachers can then allow students to independently practice their skills at their own pace in the computer lab, via a printable worksheet or at home. Scores from each and every student are then automatically saved and available in a multitude of reporting features. EducationCity features and benefits are user-friendly and flexible in nature. There is no wrong way to use EducationCity.

Features and Benefits of EducationCity

  • Standards Map
    Find objectives aligned to your state or common core standards via the searchable standards map
  • Topic Tools
    Whiteboard-ready tools and activity suggestions for your class
  • PlayLive Math
    Practice mental math skills in real time against peers across the country
  • PlayLive Language Arts
    Put vocabulary skills to the test in a Boggle-like challenge with students at the same level
  • myCity
    Individualize learning by grouping activities for a group of students or by topic
  • Assessment
    Short and long tests available starting in 3rd grade featuring a variety of question types
  • SuccessTracker
    Monitor student success and weaknesses and pull data-focused reports
  • Revision Pathway
    Activity suggestions based on performance to help individual improvement
  • Adaptable Preferences
    Perfect for special education, change the size, color, volume, or visuals to suit the learner


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