Student Improvement Research

Magnolia Consulting Research: Effectiveness of EducationCity in Increasing Student Learning

California Case Study -

EducationCity contracted with Magnolia Consulting, LLC to conduct a secondary, retrospective exploratory analysis of pre-existing, aggregated state testing data in California to demonstrate the effectiveness of EducationCity’s success in increasing student learning at Victoriano Elementary School in Moreno Valley, California. The study demonstrated positive changes in second, third, fourth and fifth grade student achievement in English Language Arts and Math for those students using EducationCity as compared to statewide averages on the California Standards Test (CST).

The study showed that student performance in Language Arts and Math grew consistently over time for third, fourth and fifth grade students using EducationCity. After students began using EducationCity, fourth and fifth grade peers also demonstrated significant increases in Language Arts and Math performance. Likewise, Language Arts and Math gains among third, fourth and fifth graders were stronger and more consistently positive than they were at the district and state level. Furthermore, second, third, fourth and fifth grade students at schools using EducationCity in California demonstrated performance increases greater than state averages.

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