EducationCity Results

 EducationCity’s foundational and statistical research provides you with an overview of our research base and demonstrates how EducationCity helps increase student achievement. Our case studies and testimonials further illustrate how specific schools and instructional leaders are successfully implementing EducationCity in their classrooms.

Results show significant and consistent gains in student performance in Language Arts and Math among third, fourth and fifth grade users as well as accelerated improvement among second through fifth graders, ranking students well above statewide averages. EducationCity schools have also reported jumps in school accountability ratings, significant gains in the percentage of students meeting and exceeding state benchmarks, and an overall increase in student performance.

EducationCity Research Papers and Case Studies:

"We will continue to use EducationCity to help drive and increase test scores this coming year.  It's been shown that our test scores have increased year-over-year and our school's administration, faculty and students are very proud of our achievements. We will continue to partner with EducationCity in the future.”

Richard A., Principal, Victoriano Elementary School, Moreno Valley, California

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