Learn English

Fort of Fortune

Learning Game to match the right amount of money to the toy

Klara and Stig are at the arcade. To win prizes you have to match the right amount of money to the toy you want!


Activity practice your directional commands

It’s an emergency! Help three different emergency workers get to work by practicing your directional commands.

Puppy Problems

Learn English activity

Uh oh! Stig has big puppy problems…his puppy has buried many of his things in the backyard! Help Stig uncover his possessions by answering the questions correctly.

See the Sea

Activity to match objects to their descriptions using sensory words

Stig is on vacation in Hawaii! He’s writing postcards to send to his friends, but he drops them in the sand!Learn more

The Water Cycle

Learn English game by inserting the right words

Become a water cycle expert! Work with Manu to insert the right words about the water cycle. Every correct answer earns you a drop of water!

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