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Recently, I have observed my Kindergarteners working on Education City Language Arts activities. The Kindergarteners are still practicing their eye and hand coordiation with the mouse. I noticed a few students accidently (and one student intentionally) click on another student's account and begin the activity. That means that the score is saved under a different account. I am very concerned because this does not give very accurate data on a student's progress. I also have a few older students who have, in the past with another program, logged in under another account and saved incorrect scores on that student's progress report.
I am requesting that Education City take a look at their set up and plan ways to make the student accounts more secure.
Thank you for your consideration! We really enjoy this wonderful resource and really want to use it wisely to improve student achievement!!

Jelena Zivko :-)

Re: Student passwords

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This is something that Education City should definately consider. It is a regular problem that we have too.

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