Streamlined Management for Administrators

As an EducationCity administrator, you will experience the same friendly and inviting interface as students and teachers, but with added functionality to easily manage your school or district’s account. Once logged in as an admin, you will have full access to all features, including Manage Users, MyCity, SuccessTracker, Standards Map and the ability to edit the whole school subscription to ensure both teachers and students are taking advantage of EducationCity.

Admin areas include...

Manage Users

Upload all students, teachers, and admin details and create relevant usernames and passwords so that logging in is simple.

Admin users can easily upload and export teacher login information in bulk using spreadsheets. Additionally, administrators are now able to create more flexible usernames and passwords using foreign and special characters.

Platform Preferences

In an intuitive preferences area, administrators can make changes across their entire school or district, such as editing the grade-level labels, subject labels, and setting the login format.

Content Preferences

Establish consistency from classroom to classroom by universally adjusting content preferences, such as removing countdown timers or disabling print features. This area also allows administrators to determine what content is available both within and outside of school hours.
Simple instructions for getting started...

Log In as an Administrator +

In your school or district, the person who is primarily responsible for maintaining your EducationCity subscription can use the Administrator login to enroll new teachers and additional administrators. 

If you are your school’s administrator, follow the step-by-step instructions below on how to use the Admin login.

  1. Locate your admin username and password. If you do not have it available, please contact us at or 800.995.5410.

  2. Update the username and password that you have been given to something that you will remember.

  3. If desired, add additional administrators and send them their login information.

  4. Enroll teachers who will be using the product and send them their login information.

  5. After teachers have been enrolled, either the administrator or the teacher can create student accounts.  

Have questions? We're here to help!

Contact our Support Team at or 800.995.5410.