Using EducationCity in Your Classroom

EducationCity helps teachers address a variety of classroom challenges with flexible tools and standards-aligned resources needed to create positive results. Learn more about how EducationCity can build foundational skills, personalize learning, and support instruction.


Enhance instruction with comprehensive lesson-planning tools

  • Identify content aligned to learning objectives to address scope and sequence needs
  • Search by topic and keyword to find relevant content
  • Filter search results and drill into learning objectives associated with resources


Personalize your students’ experience with targeted learning paths

  • Individualize learning with MyCities created for individuals, small groups, or whole classes
  • Sequence activities and set mastery goals for each MyCity to differentiate learning
  • Monitor progress and view scores at a glance using the Tracking tab


Track student progress with robust reporting features

  • Review progress of activities and test scores in real time using SuccessTracker
  • Refine student, small-group, or whole-class data to determine learner needs
  • Encourage students to track their progress and meet learning goals within MySuccess