Use EducationCity at Home

Allow students to continue learning at home through their MyCity Homework. By preselecting Homework Activities based on whole-class or individual needs, students have the opportunity to reinforce their learning through extra practice away from the classroom.

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Puffin Academy +

EducationCity can be accessed on mobile devices at home or in school using Puffin Academy, a free app that can be downloaded by teachers, students, and parents. Through this app, users can access EducationCity through a safe environment, as only approved educational websites can be accessed through its browser.

Homework +

Create stimulating Homework by selecting student activities to be scored, mini-tutorials for added review, or interactive open-ended activities to extend learning at home.

Manage MyCity +

Quickly select and assign individual, group, or whole-class learners with Homework to suit their individual needs via MyCity. Targeted MyCity Homework is easy to build, either directly from SuccessTracker results, through the Standards Map, or following a simple content search.