Track Student Progress

Being able to identify a student's strengths and weaknesses is essential to using time effectively and efficiently in the classroom. EducationCity's reporting features instantly save student Activity and Test scores for teachers to review and make quick instructional decisions.


View Class and Student Reports

Every question and answer is marked and recorded in SuccessTracker for each individual student, allowing educators to track whole-class and individual progress and differentiate their instruction easily. Educators can use the SuccessTracker filters to help refine student progress data and determine learner needs.

NEW - SuccessTracker now includes a new saving feature that remembers your reporting preferences and allows you to build meaningful reports with fewer clicks.

NEW - To help educators get a closer look at how EducationCity is automatically individualizing learning following the administration of a test, there is a new Revision Journal preview area. This area, found within a student's test results, shows the content that was automatically assigned to a student based on their assessment performance as well as offering a snapshot of how students are progressing through the pathway of activities.


Help Students Understand their Performance

Just as it is important for teachers to keep a pulse on their class' progress, it is also critical that your students know how they're performing. For that reason, students can access the MySuccess area to view their scores on Classwork and Homework assignments with the opportunity to repeat activities for added practice and review.


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