Tests and Assessments

Suitable for both summative and diagnostic assessments, tests are available in language arts, math, and science for educators looking to evaluate the progress of their students. From start to finish, the tests in EducationCity are a great time-saving tool for teachers.

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Manage MyCity +

In addition to using Manage MyCity to assign classwork and homework, this feature can be used to quickly provide individual, group, or whole-class learners with focused or comprehensive assessments in math, language arts, and science to identify your students' strengths and weaknesses.

SuccessTracker +

Every question and answer is recorded and placed in SuccessTracker for each individual student, allowing educators to track whole-class and individual progress. Educators can use the SuccessTracker filters to help refine student data based on their specific needs and differentiate instruction accordingly.

MyRevision Journal +

A MyRevision Journal is generated for students after taking a Test to help them target weaknesses and meet improvement goals. A range of Activities and Learn Screens are automatically pooled together based on their previous test scores to create an individualized pathway for improvement.