State and Common Core Standards Alignment

Standards Map

Building standards-aligned lesson plans that leverage quality educational materials just got a lot easier with this helpful tool!

The Standards Map enables educators to identify content aligned to the specific domain, objective, and learning standard they are looking to address in class. All language arts, math, and science content is aligned to Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.

Standards Maps have also been created to support the following state standards:

  • Alaska Performance Standards/Grade Level Expectations
  • NEW - Mathematics Florida Standards (MAFS), Language Arts Florida Standards (LAFS), and Next Generation Sunshine State Science Standards
  • Indiana Academic Standards
  • Minnesota Academic Standards and Common Core State Standards
  • Nebraska Content Standards
  • Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)
  • Virginia Standards of Learning

The Standards Map makes lesson planning easy by: 

  1. Allowing you to quickly drill down into the appropriate objective using easy-to-use filters
  2. Serving up a variety of content types to support differentiated approaches to learning
  3. Providing a quick ‘add to MyCity’ button so you can build student assignments in just a few clicks

Want to see the Standards Map in action? Check out our image gallery below and watch this Quick Start Tutorial!

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