Our Science module covers everything from planets to plants and friction to food chains. Mapped to Next Generation Science Standards, EducationCity’s science content is sure to engage students’ natural curiosity and fascination about the world around them.

By incorporating interactive content, printable worksheets, lesson plans, and teacher notes, EducationCity’s Science module proves that students can study science online! Focusing on the skills of scientific inquiry, learning materials are based on real-life scenarios and include:

  • Animated tutorials of science concepts
  • Interactive diagrams, models, and tools
  • Eye-catching photos and images
  • Step-by-step project guides
  • Vocabulary illustrations
  • Experiment recording sheets
  • Cut-and-paste activities

Free Activities to try!

Everyday Energy

1st Grade Activities: Join Manu and Klara as they discover how everyday energy sources work.

Manu in the Moon

4th Grade Activities: Help Stig, Manu, and Klara explore the mysteries of the moon.


6th Grade Activities: Travel to Mount Vesuvius with Manu to learn about the structure of the earth and how volcanoes are made.