School Improvement

Deliver continuous school improvement with a wide variety of solutions aligned to Common Core and state standards.

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State and Common Core Standards +

Transition to the CCSS with confidence

All EducationCity content is aligned to state and Common Core Standards, and its Standards Map feature allows teachers to quickly find all materials that are aligned to each specific objective. For those states that have not adopted the Common Core State Standards, the content is aligned to the following state standards:

  • Alaska - Alaska Performance Standards/Grade Level Expectations and Common Core State Standards
  • Minnesota (ELA) – Minnesota Academic Standards and Common Core State Standards
  • Nebraska – Nebraska Content Standards
  • Virginia – Virginia Standards of Learning
  • Texas – Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills
  • Indiana

Standards Mastery +

Help your students improve performance and master skills needed for future success

EducationCity’s Standards Map makes finding and assigning resources for your desired objective—such as lesson plans, activities, ThinkIts, Learn Screens, and worksheets—quick and easy. Teachers can easily browse or specifically search this feature, and all corresponding materials are listed directly underneath to help them streamline the process of assigning new Classwork or Homework for each standard to each student’s myCity account.