Preferences that Accommodate Learners' Needs

EducationCity is an ideal special education and intervention tool, offering a variety of support features and preference capabilities that appeal to diverse learner needs. Students are able to explore self-paced activities, animated video tutorials, and interactive online tools to build confidence and master skills.

EducationCity supports special education and RTI programs with…

  • An inviting online environment with friendly characters
  • Succinct, explicit audio instructions
  • Ability to pause and repeat instructions
  • On-screen visual prompts
  • Positive encouragement throughout student activities

Educators have the ability to make quick preference changes that will apply to all learner accounts.

Platform Preferences

  • Select Login procedures that suit the abilities of your students
  • Edit subject or grade level labels to align with your classroom needs

Content Preferences

  • Adjust activity countdown timers to suit your learner population
  • Set security settings for the PlayLive arena

Student Access Preferences

  • Determine what your students are able to access in EducationCity, within school hours and outside of them