EducationCity’s math module is packed full of engaging pre-K through 6th grade resources to get all students—from your most reluctant mathematicians all the way to your high flyers—excited about math!

Students are guided by math-wiz, Sten, and his familiar band of EducationCity friends on an adventure to build essential math skills through interactive activities, songs, competitive games, and critical thinking tasks. Mapped to Common Core and state standards, a rich variety of time-saving teacher tools and captivating student resources are available to enrich your current instructional model.

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Math content covers essential elementary skills. Below is a sampling of what you and your students can explore!

Numbers and Operations

  • Utilize interactive online number lines, charts, and games to build number fluency
  • Transform computational practice into familiar stories and competitive class challenges

Algebraic Reasoning

  • View video tutorials that model algebraic equations, paced to the learner and available wherever they are for ongoing review
  • Apply operational strategies to solve problems in a friendly, online environment

Geometry and Measurement

  • Sort, classify, and define attributes of 2- and 3-dimensional shapes
  • Develop familiarity with coins, counting money, and exchanging amounts
  • Discern different measurement tools and practice measuring length, capacity, and mass

Data Analysis

  • Build bar graphs, pie charts, and pictograms using virtual manipulatives
  • Interpret information to solve problems and explain understanding 


Free Activities to try!

Ice Cream

1st Grade Activities: Help Sten count different sums of pennies, nickels, and dimes.

Ready, Set, Bake!

2nd Grade Activities: Help Sten describe fractions using halves, fourths, and quarters.

Juice Bar

4th Grade Activities: Help the EducationCity kids solve word problems with equations and bar diagrams.