Our Math module is packed full of engaging pre-K through 6th grade resources to assist and compliment classroom instruction and to get students excited about math. EducationCity’s interactive math resources are aligned to state standards and consist of easy-to-understand content with visual and audible reinforcements to appeal to all learners.  

Teaching resources for Math include:

Activities +

Interactive learning activities engage students in topics ranging from basic numeracy through learning fractions with progress recorded for later review. This section also includes lesson ideas, teacher notes, and printable activity sheets.

Interactive Whiteboard Tools +

Flexible whiteboard tools, known as Topic Tools, are designed for an open-ended, whole class approach using virtual manipulatives to explore concepts such as money and graphing. 

Video Tutorials and Mini Lessons +

Animated tutorials and mini lessons, called Learn Screens, provide an in-depth look at specific topics such as extending patterns and place value. Learn Screens are ideal for introducing topics or reinforcing learning for individual students.

Critical Thinking Resources +

Open-ended questions, called ThinkIts, are designed to encourage higher-order thinking skills of mathematical concepts. ThinkIts provide a unique opportunity to encourage creativity and are perfect as lesson-starters and post-lesson exit tickets.

Competitive Math Games +

Interactive math games, in PlayLive, provide a fun and competitive learning environment. This feature encourages students to develop mental math skills as they play against other members of their class, other students in their school, or other EducationCity users.

Summative and Diagnostic Tests +

Math assessments are available to evaluate student progress. Test results can be used to easily generate "Revision Pathways" for each student to address any weak areas.



Free Activities to try!

Ice Cream

1st Grade Activities: Help Sten count different sums of pennies, nickels, and dimes.

Ready, Set, Bake!

2nd Grade Activities: Help Sten describe fractions using halves, fourths, and quarters.

Juice Bar

4th Grade Activities: Help the EducationCity kids solve word problems with equations and bar diagrams.