Our Math module is packed full of exciting grade-level math resources to assist and complement classroom teaching and to get students excited about math. All of EducationCity’s interactive math activities are aligned to state and Common Core standards, and the variety of different tools will compel your students to love learning this subject.

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Making Math Fun +

EducationCity’s math games and activities consist of easy-to-understand content with visual and audible reinforcements for each and every answer given. It’s this combination of large text, clear voiceover, colorful graphics, and fun music that makes EducationCity’s math content appeal to all learners.

Teaching Math in Spanish +

For students who are native Spanish speakers, more complicated subjects, such as math, can be very difficult. For this reason, EducationCity provides a Matemáticas module that allows Spanish-speaking students to continue their mathematical education in their native language. Designed to be integrated into bilingual programs, this module is intended to teach math to Spanish-speaking students and can also be used in monolingual Spanish-language classes.

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Free activities to try!

Dino Day Out

Help the gang explore coins and discover facts about them.

Strictly Talented

Understand what each digit represents and partition into millions, thousands, hundreds, tens and units.

Shape Spin

Help the gang recognise some features of 2D shapes.