For students who are native Spanish speakers, gaining confidence in difficult subjects, such as math, doesn’t always come easy. For this reason, EducationCity offers a Matemáticas module that allows Spanish-speaking students in Kindergarten through 6th grade to continue their mathematical education in their native language.

Join Yolanda and her EducationCity pals, as they navigate through computation, algebra, and geometry to uncover essential mathematical skills. This subject is designed to be integrated into bilingual programs or monolingual Spanish-language classes.

To meet learning objectives, Matemáticas content includes the following:

Learn Screens

  • Short video tutorials introduce new concepts or revisit previous learning
  • Content is paced to the learner, with options to go back, pause, or skip ahead


  • Animated activities offer a rich bank of unique questions for practice and reinforcement
  • Flexible implementation in whiteboard mode or as graded assignments
  • Written and verbal instructions can be repeated as needed


  • Mastery goals can be assigned to accommodate specific student needs
  • Time limitations can be removed to create a less stressful environment