Learn English

EducationCity’s Learn English module is designed to meet the needs of 3rd-5th grade English language learners (ELLs), at beginning to upper intermediate levels.

EducationCity characters, Rosa and Klara, invite students along to explore thematically-linked resources that provide a rich curriculum to improve academic, social, and interpersonal communicative language needs. Along the way, dictionaries, intuitive icons, on-screen prompts, and full audio supports encourage continued independent learning.

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Our Learn English module is divided into three levels:

Level 1 - New to English

  • Develop social language to identify objects, figures, and people
  • Make sound, symbol, and word connections
  • Listen to and practice sound patterns in English

Level 2 - Early Intermediate

  • Describe people, places, things, and experiences
  • Apply math vocabulary to solve problems and explain events
  • Explore the language of science to understand living things

Level 3 - Upper Intermediate

  • Explain and make connections using place, time, and sequence
  • Interpret and draw conclusions using the language of math
  • Identify and write predictions about key scientific concepts

Free Activities to try!

Playground Preferences

Level 1 Activities: Join the EducationCity kids as they use spoken and visual ques to recognize the verb "to like".


Level 2 Activities: Help Manu understand the functions of each part of a plant.