Learn English

Designed to meet the needs of beginning to intermediate English Language Learners (ELLs), Learn English encourages English-language development within groups of thematically linked activities.

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Language and Social Development +

The combination of activities within each theme ensures that a broad and rich curriculum is offered to support ELLs and improve their academic, social, and interpersonal communicative language needs. For a beginning English student, learning the vocabulary for classroom objects and social cues can be just as important as learning that week’s language Arts or math lesson.

Grade Level Content Instruction +

Learn English content is organized according to EducationCity’s English-language proficiency standards and incorporates not only English development but also math, science, reading, and writing. Keeping ELLs on pace with the rest of the class is a huge task, and Learn English helps educators do just that.

Independent Learning +

Supporting ELLs, on first glance, simply means teaching them English. However, it also means building a child’s confidence and setting him or her on the path to independence and achievement. Learn English encourages independent learning through learn areas, dictionaries, intuitive icons, on-screen prompts, and full audio support offering rewards for correct responses and encouragement to try again for incorrect responses.

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