Language Arts

Join Stig on his next language arts adventure in EducationCity! This exciting module incorporates storytelling, games, and fun activities to help build a strong foundation in literacy for your pre-K through 6th grade students. Mapped to state and Common Core standards, our engaging content provides students with captivating resources that lead to lifelong reading success. 
The Language Arts module incorporates video tutorials, interactive whiteboard tools, and critical thinking tasks to inspire your instruction, paired with student activities and competitive games to drive ongoing practice and reinforcement.

Try out some of our free activities!

Language Arts content covers five key areas:

Letters & Sounds

  • Introduce letters of the alphabet with scaffolded activities
  • Practice blends, digraphs, and other letter patterns with animated examples


  • Enhance vocabulary and reading confidence across different genres
  • Utilize comprehension strategies to deepen understanding in the context of authentic texts


  • Dig into each element of the writing process to create original stories
  • Develop writing strategies to clarify meaning, enhance style, and build interest

Oral and Written Conventions

  • Build essential grammar and punctuation skills to craft complete sentences
  • Apply phonological knowledge to build spelling skills through activities and live gaming

Listening and Speaking

  • Explore style, tone, and expression through interactive activities and tutorials
  • Analyze and evaluate language using open-ended teacher-led tools

Free Activities to try!

Amazing Words

Kindergarten Activities: Join Sten to identify and use appropriate end punctuation.

Apples and Oranges

3rd Grade Activities: Help Stig, Sten, Manu and Klara identify different types of prefixes to change the meaning of words.

Mr. Stig Goes to Washington

5th Grade Activities: Help Stig make logical connections between three different texts.