Language Arts

Our Language Arts module for pre-k through 6th grade includes interactive, online reading, writing, speaking, and listening activities. Mapped to state and Common Core standards, our engaging content provides educators with the resources they need to create comprehensive lesson plans that pique their students’ interest, leading to achievement.

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Emerging Readers and Writers +

EducationCity’s Letters and Sounds ease early elementary students into reading. The Letters and Sounds area uses phonics to apply the latest thinking about how children learn to read, encouraging them to get excited about books from the earliest possible stage.

Reading +

Our engaging, online activities build a solid foundation in the mechanics of reading by enhancing vocabulary, making sense of new words and increasing confidence and interest in new genres.

Writing +

Sound spelling, grammar, and punctuation are a few of the must-have basics when it comes to writing. EducationCity’s activities also promote creative writing techniques to encourage personal flair.

Speaking +

Activities encourage correct grammar and speech conventions, as well as style adaptation and options in language, tone, and expression.

Listening +

Students focus on identifying key information, spotting supporting details, maintaining concentration, and demonstrating comprehension.

Free Activities to try!

Amazing Words

Kindergarten Activities: Join Sten to identify and use appropriate end punctuation.

Apples and Oranges

3rd Grade Activities: Help Stig, Sten, Manu and Klara identify different types of prefixes to change the meaning of words.

Mr. Stig Goes to Washington

5th Grade Activities: Help Stig make logical connections between three different texts.