Instructional Assistance

With EducationCity, educators can address a variety of skill levels and learning styles with solutions that complement their core curriculum. Teachers can also use this web-based classroom solution to accomodate for individual, group, or whole-class instruction through a wide assortment of tools created to support unique classroom needs.

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Interactive Resources +

Engage students with online tools for student success

Enrich your classroom instruction with engaging online tools from EducationCity and ensure student success. From colorful activities to animated video tutorials to virtual manipulatives, students will always have a fun and new way to learn right at their fingertips. These engaging resources also allow for flexibility to be incorporated anywhere throughout the lesson cycle—from introducing new topics to practicing together and finally reinforcing learning with individual student practice.

Data-driven Instruction +

Use data to guide learning

To help teachers effortlessly observe and respond to their students’ strengths and weaknesses, EducationCity’s easy-to-use SuccessTracker continuously monitors and charts student progress. By utilizing this feature, educators can see student success in each subject as well as individual Classwork or Homework assignments. This information makes it easy to make data-driven decisions by assigning additional practice or adjusting instructional plans to arrive at the best outcomes for students.