Individualized Education

Embrace individual student needs with online learning solutions from EducationCity, and enhance your daily classroom activities with a blended-learning model. The EducationCity user experience for teachers and their students can be tailored extensively to meet the changing needs of each classroom.
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Blended Learning +

Extend learning beyond the traditional classroom

Combining live standards-based classroom activities and face-to-face instructions with online learning and support is easy with EducationCity. Through the Standards Map, educators can easily access a specific standard and find entire lesson plans, corresponding activities, worksheets directly correlated to the objective they need to address in their classrooms.

Personalized Learning +

Personalize programs for each student

In EducationCity, each student’s unique myCity account features an individual Homework area for practice outside of school, Classwork for both in-class and out-of-class assignments, and myRevisions for additional practice with more challenging topics. Throughout his or her use of EducationCity, their progress is recorded, and educators can use this information to make data-based decisions on how to keep each student motivated and engaged.

EducationCity offers a wide variety of resources such as activities, ThinkIts, Learn Screens, and Topic Tools so teachers can always a find a variety of options to meet the needs of each student in their classroom.