Individual, Group, or Whole-Class Instruction Available through EducationCity

EducationCity supports individual, group, and whole-class instruction by giving teachers the ability to pre-plan activities and assign each one appropriately to the student or students of their choice. As they assign Classwork to coordinate with their lesson plans and even introduce topics, the program’s wide variety of tools have been created to give educators strong flexibility in how they plan their lessons. Most importantly, each tool is designed to ensure that students are progressing towards meeting standards and lesson objectives.

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StandardsMap +

Quickly find teaching resources and activies organized by subject, grade, standard, and lesson objective in our Standards Map.

Content +

EducationCity will help educators introduce and reinforce concepts to their students. It encourages students to increase their confidence in their knowledge and ultimately achieve success in language arts, math, science, computing, matemáticas, and English as s second language.

Manage MyCity +

Quickly provide individual, group, or whole-class learners with a planned range of activities to suit their individual needs.

Manager Users +

Easily add and manage the user information for individual students and also print login cards for their reference.

SuccessTracker +

Every question and answer is recorded and placed in SuccessTracker for each individual student, allowing educators to track whole-class and individual progress and to differentiate their instruction accordingly. The SuccessTracker filters allow educators to refine student progress data based on their specific needs for information.