Individual, Group, or Whole-Class Instruction

EducationCity supports individual, group, and whole-class instruction with a wide variety of teaching resources that offer educators the flexibility to adapt to the individual needs of students. Each resource is specifically designed to ensure that learners are progressing towards meeting standards and lesson objectives.

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Topic Tools +

Topic Tools are open-ended interactive whiteboard tools, perfect for introducing new topics and reinforcing learning in whole-class or small group instruction. Available in all subjects, Topic Tools include virtual manipulatives that offer a unique experience everytime, allowing instructors to easily differentiate learning to meet their students' needs.

Learn Screens +

Learn Screens are animated video tutorials or mini lessons that deepen understanding of a particular topic or concept and are designed specifically for individuals or small-groups. These self-paced, animated resources offer audio and visual supports to reinforce and remediate learning as needed.

Activities +

With a large bank of questions, Activities can be used as group work on a whiteboard to target specific skills, and then assigned to students as timed and graded tasks. These interactive resources also include accompanying printable Activity Sheets, Lesson Ideas, and Teacher Notes to make lesson planning a breeze.