Engage Students in Learning

Students will love learning as they work through each topic by selecting interesting Activities, exploratory Topic Tools, exciting Learn Screens, and challenging ThinkIts that allow them to explore and interact with each objective. Because of EducationCity’s vast variety of animated content, students are always able to enjoy a new way of interacting to practice their skills while staying focused towards meeting state and Common Core standards.

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Classwork +

Assign specific Classwork activities to individual students, entire classes, or whole grade levels to help students master specific learning objectives.

Activities +

Interactive learning activities engage students in each topic, and their progress is recorded for later review. On the Activities page, activity sheets, lesson ideas, and teacher notes are all readily available to EducationCity users.

Topic Tools +

Extend and explore learning through Topic Tools, which can be used even in whiteboard mode, for an open-ended, whole-class approach.

Learn Screens +

EducationCity’s Learn Screens are ideal for topic reinforcement, for individual students, as well as whole-class interaction.

ThinkIts +

Critical thinking is encouraged through teacher-led ThinkIts, open-ended activities that elicit higher-order thinking skills and initiate unique opportunities for creativity.

PlayLive +

Encourage students to practice their math and literacy skills by competing with other players from their class, their school, or among all of EducationCity’s users through PlayLive. This feature can be used individually or in whiteboard mode for whole-class participation.