Encourage Understanding Through Targeted Practice

EducationCity encourages students to practice their skills by providing a wide variety of engaging resources to reinforce understanding and ensure mastery.


Interactive learning Activities are perfect for independent, timed practice giving students immediate feedback in real time. Progress is also tracked in the SuccessTracker for easy review. Activities include additional related resources, including printable Activity Sheets, Teacher Notes, and Lesson Ideas.


Encourage students to practice their math and spelling skills by competing with other players from their class, their school, or amongst all EducationCity’s users in a real-time competitive environment. This feature can be used individually or in whiteboard mode for whole-class participation.

NEW - The PlayLive arena just got a little more exciting! Both spelling and math PlayLive games now include new animation, music, and even allow students to select from a new set of animated racers to be part of the action.

Student Tools

Freedom of expression is an integral part of learning when using Student Tools, currently available in our newest subject, Computing. This content type is open-ended and designed to let students create and explore at their own pace.

Check out the image gallery below to get a glimpse of EducationCity Activities and the exciting new PlayLive...

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