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EducationCity connects teaching and learning by pairing time-saving teacher tools with standards-aligned student practice in an engaging, online program. Trusted and used by over 15,500 schools, EducationCity provides educational content for pre-K through 6th grade students. 

What is EducationCity?

  • Language arts, math, science, matemáticas, English as a second language, and computing subjects
  • Exciting student activities to target learning and reinforce skills
  • Animated video tutorials and critical thinking activities to deepen understanding
  • Whiteboard activities and lesson plans to enrich instruction
  • Real-time math and language arts games challenge students in a competitive environment
  • Easy-to-use, real-time reports to track student progress

Why does EducationCity work?

  • Content correlated to state standards, Common Core, and NGSS
  • Ability to create individualized learning paths for individuals, small groups, or whole classes
  • Robust instructional resources offer flexible tools to simplify lesson planning
  • Technology-enhanced item types encourage higher-order thinking and problem solving skills
  • Rich animation creates a friendly and engaging experience for RTI and special education programs

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