Create Assignments to Target Learning Objectives

The MyCity feature allows educators to create targeted learning paths for individuals, small groups, whole classes, or even entire grade levels. This unique functionality is available to both teachers and administrators to quickly group content together into Classwork or Homework assignments. 

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Manage MyCity +

By accessing the Manage MyCity tab from the teacher or admin view, educators can set up a MyCity in a few simple steps: search content, select desired resources, and assign to students. Educators can even create sequenced MyCities by simply dragging and dropping content into a preferred order. From here, teachers can set MyCity mastery goals that students must obtain before advancing to the next assignment. A variety of useful preferences also allow teachers to set MyCity availability and due dates and provide for accessibility needs to create a truly individualized learner experience.

NEW Tracking Tab +

The Manage MyCity area now includes a new Tracking Tab that allows educators to easily monitor MyCity progress at a glance. Classwork and homework checks have never been easier with intuitive icons and assignment scores to measure learner progress!

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