Create Assignments to Target Learning Objectives

Personalize learning by creating targeted learning paths for individuals, small groups, or whole classes using MyCities. 

MyCities are great for...

  • Creating targeted Classwork assignments
  • Reinforcing learning as Homework
  • Collecting resources for easy access during instruction

Create a MyCity

MyCities can be set up in a few simple steps to create an individualized learner experience that is easily accessible anytime, anywhere.

NEW – The MyCity area includes example templates to help you get started. Our latest addition, a Social Studies MyCity, includes cross-curricular content found in our core subjects. Example MyCities allows you to manipulate, add, or delete content and save your own version without every losing your original example.

  1. Search content by topic or lesson objective
  2. Select desired instructional content and student activities
  3. Assign to a class, group, or individual student of your choice
  4. Set preferences to sequence activities, set mastery goals, and meet accessibility needs
  5. Track progress and completion at a glance - classwork and homework checks have never been easier!

Explore the image gallery below to get a closer look at the MyCity creation process and newly added features...


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