Create Assignments to Target Learning Objectives

Personalize learning by creating targeted learning paths for individuals, small groups, or whole classes using MyCities. 

MyCities are great for...

  • Creating targeted Classwork assignments
  • Reinforcing learning as Homework
  • Collecting resources for easy access during instruction

Manage MyCity

MyCities can be set up in a few simple steps to create a individualized learner experience that is easily accessible anytime, anywhere.

  1. Search content by topic or lesson objective
  2. Select desired instructional content and student activities
  3. Assign to a class, group, or individual student of your choice
  4. Set preferences to sequence activities, set mastery goals, and meet accessibility needs
  5. Track progress and completion at a glance - classwork and homework checks have never been easier!

Explore the image gallery below to get a closer look at the MyCity creation process and newly added features...


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