Building Foundational Skills

EducationCity focuses on the most critical stages of academic development—the foundational years. Paramount to future success, the pre-K through 6th grade online learning program supports primary learning in the following ways:


Standards Alignment

Address essential objectives with quality resources

All EducationCity content for language arts, math, and science correlates to state, Common Core, and Next Generation Science Standards. Teachers can quickly find content that aligns to specific objectives and meet scope and sequence requirements using EducationCity's Standards Map.

Webb's Depth of Knowledge

Improve performance and deepen understanding

EducationCity challenges students to demonstrate a greater depth of knowledge through robust content offerings that access all four levels of Webb's DOK model. Ten technology-enhanced item types develop recall and concept understanding as well as strategic and extended reasoning to ensure students build a solid foundation for future success.

Comprehensive Subject Offerings

Enhance teaching and learning in every context

EducationCity supports cross-curricular instruction and practice in more than just reading and math. The engaging, online program provides a richer elementary experience by providing content for pre-K through 6th grade learners in language arts, math, science, computing, matemáticas, and English as a second language