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Each set of EducationCity.com adventures typically covers 2 grade levels worth of educational games. But we offer more than that. Unlimited with us really is unlimited! You can switch between adventures as and when you like,* and if you complete all the games within your current adventures, you automatically advance to the adventures for the next age group.

The games are animated and interactive, to engage kids of all ages, and are specifically written for the age groups we target based on British curriculum standards that the children work towards at school. This means you can be 100% confident that the material covers the math, language arts and science topics that your kids are learning at school, and it is both appropriate and relevant. What’s more, the games are such fantastic fun, that they will encourage your kids to discover their own abilities, and learn without even realizing it!

And, to ensure that similar levels of attention are given to math, language arts and science, our games are automatically ordered by subject.

Plus, our soon to be launched, interactive Play Live Dash adds an extra dimension to EducationCity.com. Now you've got an unlimited number of races to play in the stadium as well. The challenge is, to answer as many questions as you can within 60 seconds to beat your opponents. It's all in the speed, but accuracy is critical too. Get a question wrong and you lose a life. Lose all three of your lives and you're out of the race!

* Changing adventures is easy. Simply go to the  Manage Account area of Parents, select the correct buddy, choose the adventures you would like to change to, and Save.


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