Fun Games

Explore the colorful world of Stig, Sten, and their best friends Manu and Klara. Here you’ll discover exciting new games, which are not only fun but help you get ahead at school too!

The sport fanatics amongst you will love Play Live Dash as well as our soccer and snow-sports inspired games. You’ll be learning how to calculate areas, read temperature gauges and create graphs, while you score magnificent goals with Sten, hit the slopes with Stig, or ice skate with Klara.

Mad scientists will be enthralled by Manu’s antics! You can join him on lots of adventures:

  • building robots and learning about electrical circuits.

  • volunteering at the animal rescue center, learning more about animals and their habitats.

  • visiting the local museum to discover more about the wider world.

Love movies and music? Then you’ll love our English games. ‘Final Cut’ finds Sten and Klara on the set of an action movie directing their very own trailer, while ‘Band Jam’ sees the whole Gang practising for an open mic night!





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