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Wed, 06/15/2011
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Welcome to the June edition of The City Today!
Bringing you all the latest from Education City.

New Activities and Tools!

New! Water World - Math
Sten is visiting the pool and wants to try out the new water slide! Help him get there by solving a variety of fraction problems involving equivalent forms, including mixed numbers and improper fractions.
Find Water World in the Math module / 5th Grade*

New! Sorting Rocks Tool - Science
This new tool allows students to compare, contrast and classify various rocks and minerals according to their attributes using charts and diagrams.
Find the Sorting Rocks Tool in the Science module / 3rd Grade*

New! My Passport – Learn English
Klara helps students create their own passports including their name and age so they can become a world traveller!
Find My Passport in the Learn English module / 5th Grade*

Sneak Peek! ThinkIts
Punchy, fun and thought-provoking, ThinkIts fill the need for a cross-curricular tool to keep your students’ brains buzzing. This brand new, open-ended whiteboard resource has been designed with flexibility in mind. Use as a morning starter, or generate some thoughts to begin your lesson, ThinkIts encourage higher order thinking skills in the form of brain teasers, Q&As and puzzles. Stay tuned for more details!

*Some activities may be found in different grade levels as mapped by your individual state standards.


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The Effects of Singing and Dancing on Young Minds

A child’s early years constitute a period of rapid intellectual, social and emotional development. Integrating music and movement into children’s education at this point in their lives is well-established as a great way to maximize this golden window of opportunity. But how does music and movement actually work to benefit and child’s early development, and are there some easy ways to build these activities into daily learning?

Mind Games: How Does Music and Movement Affect a Child’s Brain?
Recent research into early cognitive development has unearthed the substantial impact that music and movement has on a child’s mind. Both activities work to stimulate different areas of the brain, subsequently combining to provide long-term benefits for a wide range of cognitive functions. This stimulation also encourages connections between the brain’s neural pathways.

Listening to music actively engages both hemispheres of the brain, meaning that left-sided language functions such as grammar and vocabulary are stimulated in tandem with right-sided functions, including intonation, accentuation and processing of audiological stimuli. This comprehensive stimulation enhances language development. This development is complemented by the effect of movement and rhythm on the brain’s frontal lobes.

Music, Movement and Learning: A Wide Range of Educational Benefits
In addition to the advantages for early language development, integrating music and movement has a number of distinct benefits for any young child. Research has shown that integrating music into teaching can have dramatic effects on memory, mathematical achievement, and reading ability. Hearing words being sung has been shown to improve a child’s ability to distinguish linguistic patterns and develop auditory discrimination.

Activities which regularly involve movement can help kids improve their balance, coordination and spatial awareness. It serves as great physical exercise, which helps release endorphins, thus making kids feel happier and healthier. It’s also especially important in developing a child’s basic motor skills, as well as helping build self-esteem and improve social relationships with peers.

Combine the two and you’ll see music and movement complementing each other in wonderful ways. Kids will start to develop their natural rhythm and will actively engage different senses in their learning. What’s more, these types of activities are naturally enjoyable for children and can help to engage those who favor the kinesthetic learning style.

Easy Ways to Introduce Music and Movement into the Classroom
To a certain extent, music and movement has always been a feature of early learning. For example, young students learn the alphabet through song or create their own dramatic productions. But there are so many other ways to increase engagement through these activities. You could have music playing in the background during lesson time or use dance to learn about other cultures. You could even encourage each child to learn an instrument – the perfect way to combine music and movement.

E-learning software also allows easy integration of music and movement into daily learning, with many offerings using sounds on the computer to complement interactive lessons while demanding quick physical reactions.


Summer is finally here! What will you be doing? We want to know!

It’s finally June and for many of you, summer vacation is already a reality! We all know that it’s a myth that teachers don’t work over the summer months. There’s just too much to do! What will you be doing this summer…business or pleasure? We want to know!


We LOVE hearing what our subscribers have to say!

“Education City has been my best purchase and use of money.  If I tried to stop my teachers and students from using Education City, I would be run out of town.  My parents supported a fundraiser so that we could keep Education City for another 4 ½ years.  When I announced we made enough money to renew the subscription, the students were so excited that they jumped up and down and yelled with delight!  I think that says it all!”

-Dr. Neleffra Marshal, Principal, West Melbourne Elementary School for Science in Florida


Find out if Education City will be in your area!

Education City will be at the following upcoming events. Join us for an online demonstration or a quick update on what's new. We look forward to seeing you there!

Jun. 21-22  National Charter School Conference, Atlanta, GA

Jun. 27-29  International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE), Philadelphia, PA


Enjoy your Summer!

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