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Wed, 06/30/2010
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Welcome to the June 2010 edition of The City Today - bringing you all the latest from Education City!


2010-2011 Price Announcement

Beginning June 1, subscription prices have increased. Core modules for PreK, K-2 and 3-5 are now $375 and the 6th grade module is $120. The price increase reflects the many new additions and upgrades that have gone live in the past year. Many of our complimentary services such as free training and the uploading of class lists remain available at no extra charge.

We will be honoring our 2009-2010 prices through the end of June. This offer is good for both new subscriptions and current subscribers extending subscriptions. Call us today at 800-995-5410 if you'd like to take advantage of this offer. There's not much time left!


Making Technology Work for You: RtI

We don't have to tell you that RtI (Response to Intervention) is the new buzz word. At industry trade shows and in education publication the acronym is plastered everywhere. While many schools already have a comprehensive RtI program in place...many more are in the process of putting the pieces together. Teachers will tell you that the idea behind RtI is not new. Educators have long been differentiating learning according to individual student abilities. And of course, providing some extra help when needed (the intervention) has always been par for the course.

If your school already has a RtI program in place, ask yourself this questions: Are you using the technology resources you already have as part of your interventions? On the other hand, if your school is just starting to develop a RtI plan, let us show you how using the Education City tools you know and love can help you make sense of it all.

Tier 1 Goal:Determine which students need help
  • Taught in the general education classroom
  • Implement for 6-10 weeks
  • Progress monitored through the collection and tracking of data
  • Use differentiated instruction
  • Both preventative and proactive
Use the Assessment feature for Tier 1!
Tier 2 Goal: Targeted intervention
  • Individual or small group instruction
  • Students move in and out of Tier 2 as needed
  • Supplemental instruction in identified weak areas for 30-90 minutes, 2+ times/week for 6-10 weeks
Create a myCity! Differentiate by strand, not only grade level for Tier 2.
Tier 3 Goal: Intensive intervention
  • Individualized within a very small group or one-on-one time with a specialist
  • High intensity instruction 30-180 minutes, 3+ times/week for 6-10 weeks or more
Reinforce with activities for Tier 3!
We want to know how you are using in your RtI plan. Send your ideas to
Back in 2007 Vicki Hansen, Technology Coordinator for E.M. Rollins Elementary School in Henderson, North Carolina, received an email forwarded from her principal. The email was from Ms. Hansen was searching for a program that would cater to the primary grades and decided to sign up for a free 21-day trial. During the trial period Ms. Hansen discovered that her students enjoyed the activities. In addition, she thought it was a great program and when Mr. Thomas gave her the green flag, she subscribed.
Nearly three years, more than 68,000 logins and 363,000 activities later - Ms. Hansen thinks she made a good decision!
E.M. Rollins Elementary School educates approximately 420 students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. Since including in their curriculum, the school has seen its test scores improve. "The objectives in both reading and math are aligned with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study," says Thomas. " has played a big part in the success of our school reaching AYP goals."
The recipe for their success includes almost daily usage of across the board in Language Arts, Math and Science with the large majority of teachers taking advantage of the resource. Ms. Hansen can see her students' enthusiasm for learning on the resource. "The students enjoy using the program and look forward to completing lessons. Math is exciting to them!"
If you want your school's story shared in The City Today, please email
Our Facebook friend Michelle Thomas tells us:
"I told students today they would have home access (this summer) to, they cheered!"
That's what we like to hear, Michelle!
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UPCOMING EVENTS will be at the following upcoming events. Join us for an online demonstration or a quick update on what's new. We look forward to seeing you there!
June 23                DASA - Delaware Association of School Administrators Institute - Dover, DE
June 27-30            ISTE - International Society for Technology in Education - Denver, CO
Jun. 28 - Jul. 1      NCSA - National Charter Schools Conference - Chicago, IL
July 13-16            TETA - Tennessee Educational Technology Association Institute - Jackson, TN
July 15-17            CAMT - Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching - San Antonio, TX
July 21-23            KASA - Kentucky Association of School Administrators Institute - Louisville, KY

See you in August!

We will not be sending out a July 2010 City Today. Our next issue will be in August. The August issue will catch you up on everything we have been working on during the summer months. Enjoy your summer!

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