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Thu, 02/17/2011
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Welcome to the February edition of The City Today!

Bringing you all the latest from Education City!



Real time answers to fit your busy schedule!

We're excited to offer our subscribers access to Live Chat! Live Chat acts as a virtual gateway to our top notch Education City Customer Service team with just the click of a mouse. We know your schedule is packed from bell to bell and it can be difficult to find the time to make a phone call. Live Chat is perfect for on-the-spot questions during classroom time. With a guaranteed response in 60 seconds or less, this is something you have to try! Live Chat is a complimentary feature for all Education City subscribers and can be found in the Teacher Area under the Training tab - make sure you have your feature password handy!



Blue Ribbon Honoree boosts student achievement with Education City!

Woodview School utilizes Education City to provide standards-based, differentiated instruction, practice and assessment to all students in kindergarten through fourth grade. Since implementing Education City in 2008, the school has seen significant gains in the percentage of students meeting and exceeding Illinois Standards Achievement Test (ISAT) benchmarks.
A subscriber since 2008, Woodview uses the myCity feature to group students by achievement level based on ISAT scores. The myCity feature allows teachers to assign a group of customized activities to one or more students based on skill level. At Woodview, students are assigned to one of three groups: 'Approaching,' 'On' and 'Beyond' ensuring each student is working on activities that truly challenge their personal academic skills. Education City's progress monitoring tool, SuccessTracker then records every student response to generate individual and whole-class progress reports.
Woodview School's Response to Intervention program categorizes each and every student at Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3. The Tier 1 program includes Education City assessments within the classroom environment to reinforce concepts and pay special attention to students that may be on the brink of Tier 2 placement. Principal Jeff Knapp believes Education City plays an important role in this Tier 1 intervention especially when it comes to communication with  parents. "Parents want to know how their children are doing and what we can do to take them to the next level" Knapp said. "When we're able to tell them we are teaching to their child's individual abilities and challenging their knowledge, it's music to any parents' ears."
The secret to Woodview's success is all about making training a priority. Knapp suggests that new subscribers designate one faculty member to pioneer and become an expert on the resource with the intent and responsibility to conduct internal training sessions throughout the year. Duginske made it her job to learn the resource and teach her colleagues how to better utilize the program. Now, Duginske heads up periodic staff trainings a few times each year.
"When Woodview started using Education City we were just exploring the resource," Knapp says. "Now, due to continuous training, the resource is better utilized by teachers and it has truly become a valuable differentiated learning tool."
Pro or Con? We want to know what you think!
Already this month, much of the country has been affected in some way by winter storms. It's no secret that students love snow days and even teachers could use a break from the grind - but what if your students could learn from home? What if you didn't have to make up those days at the end of the year? Would it help your students stay focused and keep them on the right track?
Web-based teaching and learning programs, like Education City, could be the answer. Education City Homework access gives students the ability to complete assignments from home - making snow days (and every day) more productive.
We want to know what you think! What is your solution to snow days? Find us on Facebook or sound off on our Teachers Forum.
Your state could be next!
Currently, 42 states have made the commitment to formally adopt Common Core Standards. Whether your state has made that commitment or not, Education City is here to support you in teaching to the most current, updated state standards. So far, Education City has released Common Core standards maps in: California, Connecticut, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, South Carolina, and Wisconsin. Your state could be next! We'll send you an email with access details when Common Core becomes available in your state.
We LOVE hearing what you have to say!
"We use Education City in the computer lab with all of our students. Education City is educational, intuitive and engaging. One of the many tools I find useful is the Topic Search. I am regularly asked by classroom teachers to find activities that introduce and/or reinforce a particular topic. Our students thoroughly enjoy using Education City at school and at home!"
-Ann West, Computer Lab Specialist, Baker Elementary, California
Education City will be at the following upcoming events. Join us for a demonstration or a quick update on what's new. We look forward to seeing you there!
Feb. 19-23            Alaska Society for Technology in Education Conference - Anchorage
Feb. 22-24            Illinois Computer Educators Conference - St. Charles
Feb. 28 - Mar. 2     Kentucky Society for Technology in Education Annual Conference - Louisville
Mar. 1-4               Northwest Council of Computer Educators Conference - Portland, OR
Mar. 17-19            Computer Using Educators Conference - Palm Springs, CA
Have a great month!
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