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Wed, 08/25/2010
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Welcome to the August edition of The City Today!

Bringing you al lthe latest from Education City!



Education City Earns The National Parenting Center’s 2010 Seal of Approval!

We’ve done it again! The National Parenting Center (TNPC) has awarded Education City with its 2010 Seal of Approval! The best thing about this award is how the products are evaluated. Testing involves a multi-step process giving parents, children and educators the opportunity to examine a variety of products. The testers are encouraged to play with, build, read about, and judge by the reactions of the children, each product’s quality. That means, Education City is a kid-tested and parent approved eLearning resource!

Education City Becomes an Archipelago Learning Company
We’ve been telling subscribers for years that Education City and Study Island are perfect complimentary eLearning resources for your school…and now it’s official! In June, Archipelago Learning (NASDAQ: ARCL) announced its acquisition of Education City, making us sister companies with Study Island and Northstar Learning. So, let us answer your questions…we know you have some!
1.    Will there be changes to the resource?
     There’s always changes to the resource! Education City will continue to operate with business as usual. We will continue to update and upgrade our resource as we have done in the past out of our Naperville, IL headquarters. The resource will not undergo significant changes as a result of the acquisition.
2.    Will Education City keep its name?
     Yes, Education City’s name will remain the same.
3.    Where is the company headquarters?
     Education City’s headquarters remain in Naperville, Illinois (near Chicago) and Archipelago Learning’s headquarters are in Dallas, Texas.
4.    How does this affect me, as a subscriber?
     It’s all blue clouds and sunshine for our subscribers! As part of the Archipelago Learning team, we bring together Education City and Study Island, two leading K-12 online instructional programs that provide complementary high value, low cost educational solutions for educators and students. We will draw on the strengths of both companies to better serve our existing customers.
5.    Whom should I call for training and support?
     Education City is committed to our subscribers and believes both training and support are critical components of providing a complete customer solution. Our subscribers will continue to call our Naperville office at 800.995.5410 with any questions.
     New Activities and Topic Tools
Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed your summer break and are now refreshed and renewed for the year ahead. Education City was busy this summer! We spent the hot, summer months holed up in our air conditioned offices working on new ‘Back to School Tools’ for you and your students! There’s simply too many to mention here, so we’ll list the last ten upgrades.
New!                Regular Test – 4th Grade Math
New!                Regular Test – 5th Grade Math
Upgraded!         Poolside – Science
New!                Sentence Builder – Language Arts
Upgraded!         Words Win Prizes –Language Arts
Upgraded!         Animal Trainer –Science
Upgraded!         Leap Frog –Science
Upgraded!         Cat Cozy –Language Arts
Upgraded!         Terror Temple –Language Arts
Upgraded!         Monster Mash –Math
To view snapshots of the last 30 new/upgraded activity games, click on the ‘Teacher Area’ button on the Education City start page.
Coming to Your Mailbox Soon!
Make your staff aware of what’s new with Education City! This cool foldout poster can be posted in the teacher’s lounge…coming in September!
Common Core State Standards Update
With 35 states, plus the District of Columbia, on board (as of August 10, 2010) the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are quickly becoming a reality. There’s a good chance your state has already committed to adopting the standards. Certainly, ensuring that a first grade student on the west coast is learning the same important concepts as a first grade student on the east coast is a good thing. But, in order to fully carry out the Common Core State Standards theory, schools will need to have resources in place to differentiate learning and pull struggling students back up to the classroom pace.
As an Education City subscriber, you already know how much your classes love the resource and how progress is ultimately tied to student engagement. We are currently in the process of aligning our content to the new core standards. If your state is considering adopting, or has formally adopted the CCSS, know that Education City will have the new CCSS version available when your state implements them. As a web-based resource, we are able to rapidly update our content with precision to meet your needs and expectations in a changing education environment.
We want to hear from you. What do you think about the CCSS? If your state has fully adopted CCSS, will there be any need for your old state standards? Let us know your thoughts by posting on our Forum, or find us on Facebook and Twitter.
For more information regarding the Common Core State Standards, please visit
If your staff doesn’t know how to use Education City, they won’t! There’s much more to Education City than colorful animation and fun games for kids. Make sure your faculty is taking full advantage of the Teacher Features like Topic Select, Standards Map, myCity, SuccessTracker, Whiteboard Play Mode, Topic Tools, Tests and Teacher Zone materials. Getting your staff up to speed and introducing new teachers to the resource is simple, and complimentary – available to you at no extra cost!
Product Refresher Training – This session covers areas of the resource added since your school first subscribed and focuses on how Education City can be used to support different teaching styles.
Introductory Training – This session is perfect for new faculty members and focuses on the basics and best practices to help teachers embed Education City into their lesson planning.
Customized Training Sessions – Do one of those Teacher Features listed above stand out as something you know very little about? Let us personalize our training sessions to meet your specific needs. Please give us a call to discuss your exact requirements.
Unlimited training can be scheduled via conference call and webinar as a morning, afternoon or evening session and is available to unlimited staff members. Onsite training is available for a nominal fee, please call us for details.
Schedule your complimentary online training session today by calling us at 800.995.5410 or emailing us at
We love hearing what you have to say about Education City, and that’s not limited to just our subscribers! Read on to learn about a trialist’s experience with Education City.
“The students at View Ridge Elementary in Everett, Washington really enjoyed Education City! During the free trial every class got to use it at least twice (most of them three times) so that they could try the activities in all areas: language arts, math, and science.
“As a teacher I love the straightforward student management system and the easy-to-use learning standards tools, especially the way that you can click on the link to a game to preview the actual activity that the students will be working on.
“When our trial period was over the students were so disappointed that our school couldn’t afford to purchase One 4th grade class noticed there was a space to send a message to Education City on the ‘Account Expired’ page. They asked if they could send a message. I agreed as long as they kept them brief and positive. 
“I was impressed with the messages the students were sending. Many thanked Education City for the free trial. One student who rarely gets excited about anything in the computer lab wrote to ask if the facts in “Day at the Museum” were true. Another student got very creative and sent three – the first from ‘Apolo Ohno’, the second from ‘Bill Clinton’ (stating that the students at View Ridge needed Education City and to please give it back to them), and the third from himself.
“After they sent the messages they got to work keyboarding or working on their math lessons. Suddenly the phone rang. The students called out, “It must be Education City calling!” I told them it was probably just the school office. I was so surprised to discover that it really was Education City calling to say how much they enjoyed our student’s messages! The class soon realized that I was talking to Education City and they were so excited that soon I couldn’t hear the caller and told him that I’d have to call back at another time.
“The class settled down and got back to work. Then the boy who’d sent the three messages asked if he could check to see if they had turned Education City back on. I assured him that they couldn’t do that. When he asked again I let him check, and much to my amazement it was back up! Education City gave our school an extra day in response to our student’s messages. Talk about writing for a real purpose, and what an empowering immediate feedback/reward – their voices really did make a difference!
“I’d just like to thank you again for the trial of your excellent program and the great response from your fabulous staff.”
-Sandy Brodahl, Technology Teacher at View Ridge Elementary in Everett, Washington
Education City will be at the following upcoming events. Join us for an online demonstration or a quick update on what’s new. We look forward to seeing you there!
Oct. 12            Rockford Diocesan Elementary Teachers’ Institute – DeKalb, IL
Oct. 19-21       T+L Conference – Phoenix, AZ
Oct. 27-29       South Carolina EdTech – Myrtle Beach, SC
Nov. 4-6          Georgia Educational Technology Conference – Atlanta, GA
Nov. 17-21       National Alliance of Black School Educators – Forth Worth, TX
Nov. 18-19       Hoosier Educational Computer Coordinators State Conference – Indianapolis, IN
Nov. 20-23       NYSCATE Conference – Rochester, NY
     We wish you and your colleagues a very happy and successful school year!
     See you in September!
If you have any news or views for The City Today, please email us at
Any feedback you wish to provide about Education City is always welcomed and valued.











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