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Thu, 04/28/2011
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Welcome to the April 2011 edition of The City Today!

Bringing you all the latest from Education City!

New Activities and a New Look!

New! World Dress Up – PreK
We know how much preschoolers love to play dress up! So, we created, World Dress Up – Asia! In this early education activity, Klara uses her “extra special, super-duper, fabulous world map” to show her friends some of the wonderful places she has visited and the traditional dress worn by different cultures. You can dress, print and color in a doll with traditional clothing from India, China, Japan and Vietnam.
Find World Dress Up – Asia in the PreK module*

New! Brothers Grimm – Language Arts
Fairy tales come to life in this brand new activity! Cozied up with a book in bed, Sten gets pulled into the story! His only way to return home is to correctly answer comprehension questions about the non-fiction book he’s been enjoying.
Find Brothers Grimm in the Language Arts module / 5th Grade*

New! Dungeon Run – Math
Sten and his friends are playing hide and seek at Granny’s house. Help Sten explore ancient rooms and find his friends by responding to written questions on addition phrased in a variety of ways.
Find Dungeon Run in the Math module / 2nd Grade*

New! Food Web Safari – Learn English
Manu is whisked away to South Africa to identify living things as producers, consumers or decomposers. It’s all part of a Food Web Safari and you have to come along!
Find Food Web Safari in the Learn English module / 5th Grade*

*Some activities may be found in different grade levels as mapped by your individual state standards.

Spring has Sprung
Take a closer look the next time you login – we have released our Spring home page! It’s all blue skies, sunshine and flowers…enjoy!

Georgia School Uses Education City as Primary Prescribed Intervention

East Fannin Elementary School, a Fannin County School in Morganton, Georgia, first subscribed to Education City in 2008. The school started with kindergarten through fifth grade core modules (Language Arts, Math and Science) and later added sixth grade content. All students have access to Education City in the computer lab, and/or the classroom. Kindergarten, first and second grade students utilize the resource as part of their daily center activities; third and fourth graders practice mastery of skills and are taught on interactive whiteboards; and fifth grade teachers are using Education City as an extension activity for gifted students. Academic coach, Crystal Cooke, prescribes interventions for RtI students and says special education teachers are using the resource regularly as part of their instructional practice.

Cooke says Education City is used to review Georgia Performance Standards (GPA), supply remediation and address enrichment – focusing assignments and interventions on specific student needs. Specifically, East Fannin utilizes the myCity feature to prescribe primary intervention in math and reading. Cooke assigns a myCity to each of her at-risk students containing activities at his or her skill level and prescriptions are made based on need. Since all learning styles are included, Educaiton City  is a great resource for students who may respond better to material presented in differing formats. “Education City  addresses auditory, visual and to some extent kinesthetic learners,” Cooke said.

East Fannin also uses Education City as a progress monitoring tool to present to parents in RtI meetings. Cooke says one of the major benefits of the resource is the fact that students are unaware if they are working in a special myCity that addresses their particular needs because every one of their peers is working on something different.  While East Fannin’s RtI method has proven successful, Cooke says the added value of Education City activities is increasing student self-esteem and encouraging a responsibility for learning.

Want to read more about East Fannin Elementary School and their increase in state standards achievement? Read the full case study here.

Keeping Safety Top of Mind!

Education City prides itself on being a safe and secure website for use by young students worldwide. But, part of teaching with technology is teaching how to use technology. Post these tips in your computer lab to ensure every student keeps safety top of mind!

1. Keep your personal information safe.
2. Protect your password.
3. Remember, not everyone online is who they say they are.
4. Never agree to meet up with anyone you have met online.
5. Never open emails from people that you don’t know.

We LOVE hearing what our subscribers have to say!

“My training experience with Education City was excellent. The overall experience related directly to what our teachers need. The training provided a better comfort level with the resource. Our training was knowledgeable not only about Education City, but also about classroom instruction. The pacing was appropriate and the trainer answered all of our questions clearly. We were very impressed!”
-March Swygert, Principal, Independence Elementary School in Rock Hill, South Carolina

Facebook Feedback!
“I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for my goodies! I proudly walked the halls drinking my coffee from my Education City mug this morning and made some teachers happy with the notepads and mouse pads. That was a very nice treat!”
-Laural Heard, Cook County Primary School in Adel, Georgia

Find out if will be in your area!

Education City will be at the following upcoming events. Join us for an online demonstration or a quick update on what's new. We look forward to seeing you there!

Apr. 29   Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence Conference, Round Lake, IL
Jun. 21-22  National Charter School Conference, Atlanta, GA
Jun. 27-29  International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE), Philadelphia, PA

See you in May!

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