How do you set up the shortcut to open the web page to your school, using different profiles to log in?

Thank you for your inquiry!
At this current time, there is no way to set up a shortcut using "different" profiles to log in. 
However, you can create a shortcut on your desktop called an ‘AutoLogin’ to enable students to have direct access to, removing the need to log in every time.
Here are the instructions:
An AutoLogin is a shortcut icon which provides an alternative to manually logging in. Students can double-click the AutoLogin, and they will be logged in directly to EducationCity. This feature is handy because it removes the need for students to have login information.
To setup AutoLogin on a PC, please follow the steps below:
1.  Log into
2.  At main page, click on Teacher Area in the bottom left hand corner.
3.  In the bottom left, click on Schoolwide Settings
4.  Select AutoLogin and enter your Feature Password
5.  At the AutoLogin page, copy the URL link in the center of the page
6. Minimize all windows until you reach your desktop and right-click on any open area and select New
7.  Select Shortcut, a window will appear. Paste the URL link that was copied from the AutoLogin page
8.  Name the shortcut something like: EducationCity, EDcity or anything that the students can easily identify
9.  Select Finish and the shortcut should appear on the desktop
10. Now you may drag this icon to a shared folder or network drive then onto each user's desktop
Hope this helps.
Best regards and good luck!

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