EducationCity in the Classroom

Genuine learning is all about making connections. When children complete activities that they can relate to their everyday world – that’s when learning happens. EducationCity’s interactive activities appeal to elementary students and their fascination with the world around them. Bring lessons to life in your classroom with EducationCity!

  • Save time on lesson plans by using our Standards Map to target specific learning objectives and activities aligned to your state standards or Common Core standards
  • Differentiate learning with MyCity which allows you to group activities to suit the needs of an individual, small group, or entire class
  • Engage the whole class using our signature Topic Tools and an interactive whiteboard
  • Prepare your students for standardized tests by teaching them to comprehend a variety of test questions and methods via our assessment component 
  • Track student success with SuccessTracker, our robust progress monitoring tool that provides automatic student and class data reports