Dragon’s Pendant

Language Arts educational game make a movie

Without a director how will Klara, Stig and Emma make their movie? Can you help? Through directing a movie scene, understand that behavior can be interpreted from different view points. 

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I have been rieadng out many of your stories and i can claim pretty good stuff. I will make sure to bookmark your site.

language arts

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i hate language arts but this game is cool......if i had a chance to buy any game for compupters it would be this game


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I Love this game so much is a really great game if i could i would play it everyday and stuff but you know i cant i have to study for other things and now that i am older i found out that i have to study for more things to be able to get better grades and stuff and i am always looking for a good place to study and this is it i finally found that place . LOl so try it its super fun

this game is very fun i agree

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this game is very fun i agree

this is cool

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i play this at school and it is fun you all should play on this


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like the game but other games are fun

lauguage arts

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this is awsome game


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