What Does an EducationCity.com Subscription Include?

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Your EducationCity subscription is for a whole school site license, which allows you to have:

1. Unlimited access within your school, for all teachers and students
2. Unlimited home access for all teachers

A school subscription includes access to the following content and features:

Open-ended Whiteboard Tools

Perfect for introducing a new topic as a lesson starter activity

Topic Search/Standards Map

Direct link to an activity, making it easy to target lesson objectives

Interactive Full Animation

Bright and colorful, our activities engage children and reward their achievement

Multiplayer Math Tournaments

Our popular PlayLive mental math arena allows students to practice their skills

Test Practice & Assessment

Ideal to assess a child's academic level, each test attempt results in a personalized revision pathway

Progress Tracking

Track each student's progress and personalize your teaching using our online progress tracking tool

Home Access

Save precious time planning lessons at school by accessing EducationCity at home

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