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Current subscription fees are on a per module basis as stated in the tables below. We offer loyalty discounts for longer subscription durations. For more information about what a subscription includes, please click here.


  Math Language Arts Science Matematicas Learn English (ELL)
PreK $469  n/a  n/a
Kindergarten - 2nd Grade $469  $469  $469 $469 n/a
3rd Grade - 5th Grade $469  $469  $469 $469 $469
6th Grade* $150  $150  $150 $150 n/a

*Where applicable
In addition, Education City offers the following services as optional extras:                                         

Training Sessions

EducationCity partners with you to deliver comprehensive service offerings and industry leading expertise to ensure program success and drive student achievement. Services range from product training to school improvement consulting to ongoing instructional and technical support.

Our Education Consultants have worked in the field of education as administrators, teachers, and educational leaders; and they understand the world in which you work; they appreciate your unique challenges; and they support the needs of your program as it is launched and throughout its development and growth.

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Subscription is on a whole-school basis.

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