Students tend to either love math or hate it. Usually, that feeling is directly proportionate to how good they feel they are at math. EducationCity interactive math activities are aligned to your state and common core standards and compel young learners to actually like math!

Click to see an example of an interactive Math learning activity:

Dance Stars Math game EducationCity
Dance Stars
RC Racers interactive Math activity
RC Racers

Making Math Fun

EducationCity math games and activities consist of easy-to-understand content with visual and audible reinforcements for each and every answer given. It’s this combination of large text, clear voiceover, colorful graphics and fun music that makes EducationCity’s math content appeal to all learners.

Teaching Math in Spanish

Native Spanish speakers will benefit from the EducationCity Matemáticas module. Designed to be integrated into bilingual programs, this module is intended to teach math to Spanish-speaking students or in monolingual Spanish language classes.

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