EducationCity’s Policies

Our Policies

Our mission is to inspire a generation of children by inviting them into EducationCity, where they can engage with and enjoy the world we have created. When creating the resource, we set our standards very high, and have rigidly adopted important policies to ensure the best quality. 

Special Needs

EducationCity enables teachers to differentiate their lesson content based on their students’ needs and abilities, which is ideal in a special needs environment. Activities support learning styles using color, sound, text, audio commentary, animations and engaging content, and appeal to the widest possible range of users. In addition to this, users with special needs can increase the mouse pointer size on the screen and vary the volume of the audio files within the Settings area of the operating system, to help them view and hear the content more easily. 

Gifted and Talented

Activities support gifted and talented children and provide them with the opportunity to further their learning on a personalized level. Students can work through the highly engaging and interactive activities specifically targeting their level of knowledge. They can work at their own pace without the support of a teacher, which is another layer in their learning experience.


EducationCity is an inclusive resource. Diversity is important to EducationCity and this is reflected in our characters and the activities.

Based on its key inclusion goals, EducationCity is:

• adapted to different learning styles.
• based on childrens' interests and cultural experiences.
• representative of social and cultural diversity, providing positive images of race, gender and people with special needs.
• consistent in design and functionality.


EducationCity believes that web content should be accessible to everyone. We meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0.

Privacy and e-Safety

We are dedicated to safeguarding all personal information collected online and to helping parents and kids learn about safe use of the Internet. We strive to ensure our Privacy Policy  for our home product,, complies with the United States Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), which governs the online use and collection of information from children under 13, and all other applicable legislation. We also store all user data collected in relation to on secure, dedicated servers. 

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