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Wed, 09/30/2009

Welcome to September’s edition of The City Today, bringing you all the latest from!

GROWING INTO NEW OFFICES - Due to our continued growth, is pleased to announce that is has just doubled its office size, so we have the space we require to support our 12,000 school subscribers and to house our staff, who will move the business forward.

As the new offices are within the same building as before, there will be no change to our mailing or contact details.

OUR AWARD WINS - has hit the educational technology headlines twice this month, having won two Learning® Magazine 2010 Teachers’ ChoiceSM Awards and an Education Software Review Award (EDDIE)!

Matt Kwak, Vice President said, “We are delighted and honored to have been awarded these accolades, as they offer both teacher and industry endorsement for our product.”

“Teachers in our subscribing schools have always known what a comprehensive, quality and flexible resource they have at their disposal, but these awards will help us share this with a wider audience.”

NEW LOOK EDUCATIONCITY.COM -’s new look will be revealed in early October and will make using even easier to use, giving the resource two distinct areas: one for the teacher and one for the students.

The teacher area will provide all the teacher features you have now, and store together in one easy-to-find place. And… the students will be one click closer to the Activities!

Look out for the new look in October. We will be providing complimentary demonstrations over the phone if needed.

NEW WHITEBOARD MODE BUTTON - Have you spotted our new whiteboard mode button? It combines our previous Whiteboard button and Play on each activity page, so you can start a whiteboard activity with just one click.
This simple feature is available for use now and will replace both the Whiteboard button on the activity page and the AutoWhiteboard button within Features with our new look.

NEW ACTIVITIES - From our recent questionnaire, you said you would like more information on the new activities we add each and every month. As a result, we’ve included the new activities we’ve added in August below, but very soon these updates will be available on the resource, within the “What’s New” section of the new Teacher area.

Grades are not included by the activites as they vary depending on the state you are in.

Matemáticas Module:

Sólo en Efectivo (Cash Only) - Adding two amounts of money using decimal notation. 
Capitán Bacalao (Captain Cod) - Squaring numbers (multiplying numbers by themselves) up to 25 x 25. 
Golf Loco (Crazy Golf) - Identify odd and even numbers and solve related problems. 
Campo de Práctica (Driving Range) - Use a protractor to measure acute and obtuse angles to the nearest 5º. 
La Leche de la Señora Vaca (Mrs Cow’s Milk) - Multiply and divide whole numbers and decimals by 10, 100 or 1000. 
El Juego del Monstruo (Monster Mash) - Position numbers with up to three decimal places on a number line. 
Misión en la Luna (Moon Mission) - Recognize abbreviations and standard metric units. 
Tirando al Hoyo (Pitch and Putt) - Identify a number between 2 given numbers. 
¡A Preparar Pasteles! (Ready, Steady, Bake!) - Find a half and a fourth of a cake cut into 4, 8, 12 or 16 slices. 
Invasores de Agua (Water Raiders) - Identify multiples of 6, 7, 8 and 9 using numbers up to 100. 
Math module:

Dino Day Out - Put the correct coin into the correct slot on the machine.
Monster Mash - Position numbers with up to three decimal places on a number line. 
Rabbit Roundup - Round numbers less than 100 to the nearest 10.
Space City - Measure lengths up to 15cm to the nearest whole cm.
- will be at the following events this October, so watch out for us there. As usual, we’ll be offering a 10% discount at the shows and live demonstrations of’s activities and features.

5-7       TN Lead Conference, Nashville, TN
13         Future Tech, Boise, ID
15         MTETA, Franklin, TN
28-30    T+L/NSBA, Denver, CO

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