City Today - November 2008

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City Today – Parents
Sun, 11/30/2008

Welcome to the latest edition of the City Today and the latest news from
COMING SOON… is getting ready to launch its new home product which will provide your child with their very own personalized learning pathway. Your child will be able to work through state standards to reach their goals and chart their progress using a ‘star’ scheme. 
We’ll provide you with more details as the launch gets closer.
Many more activities have been added across all grades since our last newsletter, including Pick a Tomato in 1st Grade Science (right).
Keep looking for the "New!" stars. These stars shine over new activities and improvements.
EDUCATIONCITY.COM – IT’S A GIFT! - Using yourself, you know first-hand how much fun and support provides your youngsters with.
Let others share in the fun by giving them a gift subscription this year. It makes a perfect present for nieces, nephews and family friends – and takes no time at all to organize.
Simply click on the Gift Subscription icon on’s welcome page. We’ll even provide you with a gift certificate to giftwrap!
See you next month! If you have any news or views for The City Today, then email us at Any feedback given about is always welcomed and valued.

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