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Fri, 11/30/2007

What an exciting month! As part of our ongoing commitment to keeping you informed of the fantastic updates and weekly introductions of new activities that provides, we have decided to produce a monthly e-newsletter called ‘THE CITY TODAY’. It will contain great stories every month with plenty of new features and industry news to keep you hungry for more. In this first edition we will be taking a look at what’s happened so far in…
We constantly talk with all our customers and find it of paramount importance to solicit your thoughts and suggestions. So when you hear us telling you how much we like your feedback on ways of improving the product, we really do mean it! And as a result of recent parents‘ requests we now have a brand new ‘Topic Filter’ option in the subject area. The Topic Filter allows you to select a subject that your child is covering in class and only shows activities related to that topic, giving your child even more valuable time on the resource! Keep the suggestions coming and if you have any comments, please email your feedback to
A big thank you to all those parents that completed our on line research survey. Over seven hundred parents that use took the time to respond to our survey!
We love hearing your feedback and opinions on what you think of (keep them coming) and how your child uses it at home. Below we are pleased to share with you some of the fantastic results which support why all children should be using
90% of all children rank as one of their top 2-3 websites visited
99% of parents ranked excellent or good in terms of being a quality learning resource
94% of parents ranked as excellent or good in terms of entertainment for their children
92% of children ranked as excellent or good in terms of entertainment
Q: More often than not, my child will click on the ‘Quit’ button before they have completed an activity which means they do not save their score, how can I prevent this from happening?
A: Thank you for your query. You can prevent this from happening by altering your Preference settings in the City Life area. In the Preferences area you have the option to remove the ‘Quit’ option so your child will have to complete the activity before they move on to the next one. This is an excellent tool for changing the settings to suit how your child works. For example, if the pause on the reinforcement distracts your child you can turn it off so the activity moves on to the next question immediately.

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