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Fri, 11/30/2007

What an exciting month! THE CITY TODAY has some great news stories for you this month with plenty of new features and upgrades to keep you begging for more.  Let’s take a look at what’s been happening…


You should be thrilled to hear that the new Letters and Sounds area within Language Arts is now complete. The area now boasts a wealth of 49 new activities where you will be spoilt for choice. In line with NCLB, Reading First, and your state standards,’s phonics pages are a fun and engaging way to introduce your students to letter-sound relationships. See the new activities list below to check out the latest additions.


When you hear us telling you how much we like to hear your feedback and comments on ways of improving the product we really do mean it!  And as a result of one head teacher’s recent request we now have a brand new ‘Topic Filter’ option in the subject area. The Topic Filter allows you to select a topic that you wish to cover in class so that the screen will then only show activities related to that topic giving you even more valuable time on the resource! We also have a new ‘Teacher Zone’ button next to each activity where the Activity Sheet, Teachers Notes and ‘Give Your Opinion’ areas can be found. 


We have plenty of fun and engaging new activities and worksheets to wet your appetite this month! 

Letters and Sounds
Surf’s Up /ur/Curly Caterpillar /c/Sure, Sure /ure/Kit Kite /k/Fear the Beard /ear/Fairly Pair /air/To the Rescue /ue/Mouse in the HouseFlies on the Pies /ie/

Pack a Backpack /ck/
The letters ‘ur’ and the /ur/ soundThe letter ‘c’ and the /c/ soundThe letters ‘ure’ and the /ure/ soundThe letter ‘k’ and the /k/ soundThe letters ‘ear’ and the /ear/ soundThe letters ‘air’ and the /air/ soundThe letters ‘ue’ and the /ue/ soundThe letters ‘ou’ and the /ou/ soundThe letters ‘ie’ and the /ie/ sound

The letters ‘ck’ and the /ck/ sound

Summer fair,Toom of Doom, Hot Seat
Read bar charts, Understanding basic concepts of probability including likely, unlikely, certain, impossible,Choose the operation to solve problems
Food for Thought
Categorize food into groups and know how the food groups meet basic needs.

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