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Sat, 03/29/2008

Welcome to the latest edition of the City Today where we update you with the most recent news and information from the world of



We have lots of great new activities that have been added over the last month for you to review now that you are back at school.   Every new activity we add gets better and better, further enhancing the engagement, fun and learning potential of your pupils. The great thing about is that we are committed to adding and updating our activities every month – this is all free of charge to our subscribers!



The students at John J. Blair Elementary in Wilmington, NC tell me that Education City "rocks!" Teachers like the fact that they can set up their own city with objectives they are teaching at the time. The sales staff and the technical department at Education City are very knowledgeable and supportive. Education City is helping us reach our goals with all students! Thanks!

Sue Stott - Technology Facilitator.



Dates for your diary over the next month. Catch up with the team at the following events in March.

6 - 8: CUE in Palm Springs, CA

15-17: ASCD in New Orleans, LA

27-28: CA Charter Schools, Sacramento, CA

28: Palm Beach Technology Show, Palm Beach, FL.

All great events where you can speak to an representative and enjoy a live demonstration. We will be offering a discount on orders taken at the shows so make sure you look out for us. We look forward to seeing you there!


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