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EducationCity’s award-winning web-based, instructional intervention tool provides fun and engaging student activities and teaching resources correlated to state and Common Core standards in pre-K through 6th grade language arts, math, science, and ESL. Our interactive educational activities capture the attention of young learners with bright colors, catchy music and a lovable cast of characters - inspiring a lifelong love of learning.

  • Trusted and used in 15,000+ schools
  • Interactive educational activities for PreK-6th grade students
  • Mapped to state and common core standards
  • Proven to improve student achievement

Students love EducationCity because the activities feel more like play than lessons. Their excitement creates real opportunities for learning. More than 15,000 schools worldwide are using EducationCity as part of their curriculum. With more than 2,000 available activities, EducationCity students complete 2 million activities each week!

Teachers love EducationCity because it’s user-friendly and provides a wealth of automatically-generated data. Ideal for interactive whiteboards, EducationCity web-based activities allow for whole-class instruction as well as differentiated learning in small groups or even 1:1. Use in the classroom or in the computer lab for reinforcement and enrichment.

Parents love EducationCity because their children actually want to do their homework! With 24/7 access to EducationCity online activities, teachers can assign homework to individual students or an entire class. Each and every activity completed at home is automatically saved and scored allowing educators to track student results and progress.

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